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Internet Marketing Know HOW for B2B

Marketing SEO – Translation Provided

After a long pause or absence I am back with this my 3rd attempt to write  and establish my  Blog Dynamic Marketing.

Written “tongue in cheek” with a Marketer’s myopia at the language and hype of search engine optimization (or as spelt in UK “optmisation”) and other new terms.

I am amused (or confused) how quickly we have “adopted” this relatively new language provided by search engine engineers and mathematicians, including the new acronyms and buzz phrases: SEO, Tags, Links, SEM, Social Media etc.

When was this new language introduced and accepted, and who hijacked the existing marketing terminology, and why has marketing “jargon” become out favor with modern digital media?

In the competitive marketplace of business marketing, it’s difficult enough to market and sell The Added Value of SEO, without adding a new language in the mix!

Especially when most potential business…

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