Mobile Marketing …..huge growth expected to continue

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Here is a selection of interesting articles on the speed of growth of Mobile Marketing  and it’s importance to more effective internet / social media marketing for Small Medium size businesses in 2015. During October through November 2014, while implementing a Social Media Ad Campaign, I noted that 60% of the interaction with my target audience was […]

Coordinating the Content Marketing across Organic Search, PPC and Social Media

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Coordinating the Content Marketing becomes a critical role   It’s fluid, dynamic and requires on-going integration…..   This is where I can contribute and add value to your business… Contact me

Marketing Trends for Small Business preparing for 2015 growth

Good post to start discussion on Marketing Trends for Small Business ….its all about coordinating internet marketing investment across Organic Search, PPC advertising and Social Media Here are 10 trends to keep an eye on as you develop your marketing plan. 1. Social media will continue to propel consumer spending. In 2014, both Twitter […]