CMO Digital Marketing Outsource Resource

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imagesThe changing experience profile and traditional & digital skills required as Chief Marketing Officer, may require outsourcing.

The topic is discussed in an interesting article in a Oracle Blog  noting that cost effective digital marketing may require outsourcing your next CMO !

Here is an extract from the article: 

Outsourcing CMO Responsibilities is a Game Changer for Start-Ups

“Freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are excellent places to start looking for outside digital marketing experts. The more experienced individuals on these platforms have worked with tens, and possibly hundreds of firms in need of campaign design and execution.

If your startup is smaller, and you don’t already have an experienced marketer on your staff, it’s my recommendation that you look into a reputable marketing agency to serve as the intermediary between your company and the freelancing community — think of them like an on-demand Project Manager.

You’ll gain the experience of a tried and proven hand, while protecting your limited capital from expensive in-house marketing executive salaries that produce the same, or worse results. Crafting a winning marketing campaign requires creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. When you have a team of individuals, from a variety of backgrounds rowing in the same direction, the end-result is a diverse team that gives even a fledgling startup the same digital marketing firepower as a larger, more established firm.”

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