Top 10 Challenges for Internet Marketing Consultant

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So why is it taking so long for small and medium size businesses to realize the changes.

Not only is the world flat but it appears to be spinning faster, at least things appear to be happening faster.

Corporate is being challenged by smaller more energetic and forceful competition, through online search, building an effective web site and social media network has become a dynamic marketing tool. Where everything you do should add and improve the whole business, dare I say in a “holistic approach”.

Today’s marketing as evolved into how the early economists described the world of “Perfect Competition”, where the leaders are winners, but the competition is right behind, and improving constantly, as information is open and available to all.

Being out of the Corporate for life for some years it amazes me I stayed or lasted so long, but I am glad I did because being active in Global or International Marketing helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve: a global view, different cultures, different environments, disruptive marketing, meeting people and fresh new regular challenges, working in a dynamic marketing environment. [Dynamic as defined by Merriam Webster dy·nam·ic
“marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change”]

There is a correlation between the two worlds of Global Marketing and Internet Marketing and hence the reason I am doing what I am doing.

With the evolvement of SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing, more and more closet marketing gurus have appeared, unfortunately most lack the depth of experience and knowledge in proven and tested foundations in marketing and sales.

The challenge:

1. With so much “free advice” available internet marketing consulting has still to develop and to be recognized within the mainstream of essential business needs, which adds significant value and therefore worth investing in.

2. The speed of change has many smaller businesses confused or unaware of benefits, consulting involves coaching and coordinating, and selecting what is relevant to individual clients and their unique business challenges and opportunities.

3. The role and opportunities of the Internet, SEO and SEM has been “hijacked” by IT as an empire building opportunity and a job security item, and marketing was too slow to recognize its potential, and now we face an in-house “expert”, who does not want to relinquish power.

4. Thinking with a different “head set” and “focused on people” is a prerequisite, this is a significant change to forcing products out to reach sales targets, which is a significant issue for a large potential of small and medium size businesses, certainly most family businesses.

5. How do we reach people, who don’t see or understand the need and benefits, using old media / marketing tools to tell people about new media / marketing opportunities ?

6. How do we communicate with people who don’t use the internet as a new medium, the acronyms and the terminology has developed very quickly to give validity to the tech or IT property?

7. Building trust with an unknown and a “consultant”, this is the most important and the most difficult parameter to overcome with new clients, especially as everything is constantly changing, so not everything is proven. There is a large element of trust.

8. Delivering tangible results to show added value to clients, without “guaranteeing #1 google ranking” or other promotional gimmicks which conflict with the longer term benefits.

9. Introducing “visibility of information” and “measurement” as a key business management tool, creates concern with management.

10. To implement all the benefits is time consuming and to capitalize on all benefits requires time, patience and most important the basic business premise understanding “what is your business positioning and competitive advantage to start with”.

The last point is the single biggest challenge of all, so marketing may not have changed that much.

Who are we?

Who are our competitors?

Where do we want to be?

How can we get there?

How do make a profit in doing so?

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