Re-Imagine your Marketing Budget for Lower Costs Higher Sales

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The Re-Imagination of Nearly EverythingMary Meeker

Mary Meeker is a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and former Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and is regarded as “the Queen of the Net”.

Mary Meeker  has a neat way of identifying & presenting significant data / metrics which she then uses

  • to prove the NEW realities in the marketplace
  • to validate the trends and the REAL rapid changes that are happening
  • to provide indicators to speculate growth OPPORTUNITIES

Full slide show of Mary Meeker on the Internet Trends presented May 2012.

In case some people have been living in a cave for the latest 5 years or still needed convincing Meeker shows the impact of Mobile and Social developments slide after slide under the heading “the re-imagination of nearly everything”

…..because everything is changing….

….and if it not changing, it’s already changed..!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Marketing Plans and Budgets should be Re-Imagined

Advertising money is moving from traditional media to digital media, and it’s gathering pace with the increase in Mobile usage and Social media / marketing penetration.

There is still significant upside for Mobile Ad Spend vs Mobile Usage, and a time lag “free fall” for Print spend.

Slide Mobile Upside


Example of the 1st Generation of Re-Imagination, Newspaper Ad Revenue was surpassed by Internet Advertising spend in 2010, after 305 years !

Slide Newspappers out spent by ONline ads


Note to Small Business Owners

  • Re-Imagine how you market and promote your business,in this new Social, Local and Mobile environment
    • Audit every current dollar allocated to marketing and sales, and reallocate more funds to internet marketing (social, mobile, local) to test and learn, and save costs …..NOW!
    • Understand how these changes are affecting how your customers behaves e.g. how do new customers find you? ….its unlikely they will use the yellow pages in a telephone directory…
    • Research your own company / brand….by searching for your services online…..with search words potential customers use (use Google Keyword Tool)
    • Check out what online activities your closest competitors are using……
    • Realize small business still has a significant advantage over larger organizations, with it’s size allowing speed and flexibility to accommodate change……BUT the key factor is the willingness and leadership skills to drive change
    • Avoid comparing past activity results with current & future reality…. as the paradigm has changed completely e.g. past sales revenue generated by Yellow Pages, Trade Shows, Newspaper classified, Trade Magazines….look to the opportunities in the new market reality e.g. Google +, Local Maps / Places, Ad Words, SEO,
    • Explore creative ways to raise your business online visibility e.g. learn to drive qualified traffic to your business website, measure your analytics, explore new channels Blog, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube,
    • Discover how the new digital media can improve how you can present your products and services to potential customers, provide them with more details and more information / incentive to purchase e.g. more detailed images or videos showing product range, maintenance tips, repair advice, testimonials, map directions,

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