B2B Internet Marketing Plan – Marketing Strategy Process / Framework

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Developing a B2B Marketing Plan – Marketing Strategy Framework

How to develop your Internet Marketing Plan for a “Win Win” customer relationship.

The planning framework below provides an marketing overview of how to build a Internet Marketing Plan to promote your small business on the internet.

From my perspective the key for small business is to make the different Internet Marketing channels work to together in synergy (or in a holistic approach).

Setting goals and metrics are critical to measure your progress at each stage, building a Conversion Pipeline to achieve your goal, more Contacts, more Leads, more Sales.  

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1.  CUSTOMER Marketing Strategy

Define what will be the Customer Benefit from your product or service and how you will build awareness that your company products / services exist, and what makes you different and better than alternatives, and why should they buy from you.

2. OPTIMIZE SEARCH Visibility of Website

Build your website / blog to present your products or services through organic search setting, providing solutions to their search needs, and measuring your progress along the way.

3. MAXIMIZE REACH through Advertising

To actively find New Customers using disruptive marketing through pay per click / online ads, measure added value / ROI of paid search ads.

4. SHARE KNOWLEDGE through Blog

Provide quality content on a regular basis, which supports your search results, but provides more information and knowledge on your products or services, through topical Blog Posts.

5. Build relationship through SOCIAL MEDIA

Select which Social Media is best suited to your Customer profile, start a conversation to build a new relationship, be consistent and be sociable, and measure their reaction and actions.

6. MEASURE progress to ACHIEVE your GOAL

At each stage set a goal, measure and identify which key marketing drivers need to be improved, to gain more Awareness, greater Interest, stronger Desire  or more Calls to Action to improve Conversion.

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