Useful Marketing Tools and Links to help Improve Your Business

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Manage Your Own Marketing – Marketing Tools / Links

1. Metrics and Measurement

Web Analytics allows you to measure and track how your customers interact with your website.

Google Analytics – add code to your website to track and analyze website

Facebook Insights – the only tool you will need if using Facebook for your business

2. Video Training on Internet Marketing

Establish and promote your business online presence Google and SBA

Google and the Small Business Administration have partnered to educate local businesses about how to succeed online. Each video describes how a small business owner successfully uses the internet to grow his or her business. It’s important to be where your customers are…online!

3. EMail Marketing agencies

 4. Classic Marketing Gurus

Phillip Kotler – Value Based Marketing   “the world’s foremost expert on the strategic practice of marketing.”

Theodore Levitt – Marketing Myopia the reason growth is threatened, slowed, or stopped is not because the market is saturated. It is because there has been a failure of management.

 5. Out-of-the-Box Thinking 

Seth Godin This is Broken video Seth Godin is a marketing expert who has pioneered numerous online marketing techniques

Gary HamelFuture of Management video

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