Marketing Leaders require a Digital Mindset and the Ability to manage Change

Same Old – Same Old

During my years in Corporate Management we were introduced to various new management theories, which were viewed by the cynics (including me) asSame Old  the latest “flavor of the month”, for senior management career development.

The problem with these great management theories & ideas is that the implementation is generally being executed with the same thinking and same attitude of the previous way of working, therefore the new methods or processes get bogged down in the day to day conflicts of change.

And after a period of frustration and part implementation, it’s time to introduce another business model.

Digital Technology and the Digital Age is not a temporary fad, its here to stay and continue to change our lives through constant innovation in sharing information and improving communication.

Business leaders and their organizations, especially in marketing and sales, need to adopt a new mindset, a digital mindset.

Digital Mindset PEAKsuccess-mindset

As a consultant I quickly “size up” or assess potential clients as to whether they “get it” i.e. do they think with a digital mindset or not, if not I walk away, which saves me time and wasted effort, and saves them money.

Learning all the marketing skills in SEO and Social Media will not change a business unless the people implementing the new content marketing approach, think different and adopt this new mindset. They must also help the rest of the organization adopt to the new way of thinking and with a new mental attitude.

Developing a Digital Mindset

Check out video below by Sandra Sieber [Associate Professor and Head of the IS Department at IESE Business School in Barcelona.]

Sandra outlines the challenges and skills business leaders need to adopt to develop a digital mindset:

  • implement up to date knowledge on what is happening in technology
  • influence the organizational culture
  • manage the conflict between the new and old processes.

“A leader that wants to prepare for that has to do a number of things. The first one, obviously, is to get, if it hasn’t happened already, more knowledge about what is happening on the technology space. But understanding the technology is just the first thing and probably the easiest one. The difficult ones are the next two, because it’s influencing the organizational culture so that everybody gets more aware of what’s going on to actually create this openness and awareness of technology in the organization.”

About John Cullen

Experienced marketing professional, with over 25 years experience in global brand marketing, focused on Internet Marketing for last 10 years.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio and working with Clients in USA and UK.

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