Marketing and Sales Changing Skill Set

ITSMA carried out a survey in Nov-Dec 2015 to find out what the people believe will be the marketing skills & capabilities for a future organization.

Overview of Results

  • 87% of marketers agree marketing organizations must change significantly

B2b Marketing.001

  • Data Analytics is a growing center of required expertise

B2b Marketing.002

  • The recruiting sources for B2B marketing will change going forward based on the change in skills required

B2b Marketing.003

I recommend checking out a B2B Business Marketing site

The focus on

  • Advancing marketing practices and the impact marketing can have on business success
  • Helping B2B marketers set their priorities to improve business impact
    and results
  • Identifying trends and emerging opportunities through research
  • Facilitating a vibrant leadership community of marketing peers for collaborative learning and benchmarking
  • Providing professional development and leadership development guidance
About John Cullen

Experienced marketing professional, with over 25 years experience in global brand marketing, focused on Internet Marketing for last 10 years.
Living in Cincinnati, Ohio and working with Clients in USA and UK.

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