Which ? Small Business Website Builder – Easy to Learn, Positive Results, Quick Support response

Which website builder do I recommend to small businesses in Cincinnati to promote their business? 

My first suggestion is to check out the Website Builder comparison sites, and compare the different attributes of each website builder and the different options in design, flexibility, support available and cost.


My second suggestion is set up your own criteria to the select the most suitable website builder for your business needs.

Each of my client’s business has different website marketing needs and requires different options:

  • a unique design and color theme and scheme
  • ease of access and learning skills
  • purchase new domain
  • ecommerce option
  • mobile friendly
  • online chat option

I wanted to find a new website builder site which I could design and build for all my different business clients, and know that I could hand over to the business owner once the site is well established, and they could manage their website seamlessly.

Weebly.com has exceeded my expectations on a number of points:

  • they have low cost plans for every business size and business needs
  • its easy to learn and have multiple editors and contributors for different pages
  • latest website tools: slideshow creator, video upload, search box
  • its easy to set up Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • impressive response from search engines, speed of quart search results

This past year I have built numerous websites for small businesses in Cincinnati using Weebly.com including the following, click on thumbnail to go to each site to review.

Weebly website built John Cullen
Arthur Rozzi Pyrotechnics
Weebly.com website built by John Cullen
Freeman Schwabe
Jazz Singer Cincinnati
Jazz Singer Cincinnati
Spirituality Circle
Spirituality Circle

There are various Tutorials and Advice / Support pages promoting Weebly.com, I found one the best beginner’s guides is a YouTube video tutorial, click link below

Need anymore advice on Internet Marketing for Small Businesses in Cincinnati contact me


One thought on “Which ? Small Business Website Builder – Easy to Learn, Positive Results, Quick Support response

  1. Weebly is indeed very good. Even its free option is pretty decent and this is so easy to use that even children could create a good looking site in a few hours. As a paid option, there are many other good website builders like Wix, Strikingly, Duda or SiteBuilder. Any one of them could be used to make websites for small businesses, although I still think Weebly is a bit better than the rest.

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