Achieve the Best B2B Customer Testimonials

harkey-davidson-tatooEveryone agrees that Customer Testimonials are a significant benefit for B2B marketing and sales.

This raises the question, how do you get a quality Customer Testimonial?

The quick & flippant answer is……ask a Customer.

But first, it’s important to identify a Customer who fits the Profile we need for Testimonial i.e.
a customer who has bought a machine we plan to promote
a customer who still has the machine in production
a customer who is satisfied with machine performance & results
a customer who has the authority to provide a quote or statement

Then contact the customer, and ask the customer to take a few minutes to answer six questions to measure customer satisfaction, and use as customer testimonial, this can done this face-to-face, or email.

Receiving answers to the following 6 questions, will enable you to extract quotations for short testimonial statements.

1 What was the problem you were experiencing before you purchased our machine.

2 Did you review other machines before selecting our machine and what were the distinct advantages offered by our machine.

3 What is the best thing about our machine in operation?

4 What are three other benefits that you enjoy about our machine?

5 Would you recommend our machine to other buyers, and if so, why?

6 Is there anything you would like to add?
Once you extract a quotation or testimonial statement, you will then send it back to the customer for final approval.

The final step will be agreeing how it should be endorsed e.g. by personal name, listing business title & position, and with the name

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