Digital Marketing the Point of Difference vs Sales Push Marketing

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“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.”
— Theodore Levitt

Digital Marketing Mindset

From my own experience coming up with great ideas is easy, the skill to make them happen and succeed is more elusive and much harder work.

Just as the digital marketing age has brought abundance of creativity & new ideas for business owners and entrepreneurs, but innovative action by businesses is still lacking.

The core benefit of digital marketing vs traditional “sales-push” marketing, is the 2 way relationship business can establish with customers / consumers.

It’s a different mindset to, “get the sales order, and leave”, digital marketing allows businesses to build trust and create repeat business with a loyal customer base.

“Before the product was the end of the consumer experience….now it is the starting point” Stefan Olander Nike’s VP of Digital Sport



At the strategic level, digital marketing starts with the recognition that the goal is building a relationship with the customer / consumer, not just making the quick sale.

You found a customer.

Make sure they enjoy the product / service you provide.

Discover more about their needs and how you can help.


Internet Marketing Business Strategy
Internet Marketing Business Strategy

This new business approach also has a framework, that builds synergy across marketing activities:

  • Maximizing Visibility & Number of Potential Customers – Search Engine Optimization
  • Extending your Reach even further – Search Engine Marketing
  • Providing Knowledge and building your Credentials – Content Marketing
  • Building Relationship and Exchange of views / ideas – Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Framework charts.003

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