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There are many effective and affordable promotional techniques to achieve awareness of a new event, here I list the media contacts and cost I used to promote media coverage for Museum of Spiritual Art – which has an Open House Sept 26th in Franklin, Ohio.

I will monitor over the next few weeks and share the results, to identify the best value press release service. $60.00 $4.00 $59.00 $59.00

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Press Release shared with online services above:

Museum of Spiritual Art

“Spirituality Circle” – Visit Museum of Spiritual Art in Franklin, Ohio

The NEW Museum of Spiritual Art (MOSA) in Franklin Ohio is having an Open House on Saturday September 26th between 2pm – 5pm.

The Museum of Spiritual Art – the private art collection of Ramesh and Chris Malhotra will have its permanent residence at the historic 6,300 sq. ft. mansion on River St, Franklin, Ohio.

The Malhotra Collection of artworks on display includes original oil, pastel water color paintings covering a wide range of religions and faith all produced by local and global artists. In addition, it includes private collection of images and artifacts of the world’s different religions.

Ramesh described the concept of the Museum of Spiritual Art as a “unique way to display of art and artifacts from various religions all in one place, depicting unity as the true spiritual side of life”.

Ramesh Malhotra is a successful business entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. He balances his life through by following three basic aspect spirituality cycle : material prosperity, emotional fulfillment and living with virtuous, proper, moral life to attain ultimate liberation.

Visit the Malhotra website to learn of more.

Ramesh explains The Spirituality Circle as:
“The three aspects of life include: Service, Support and Sacrifice and they directly relates to: Karma, Dharma and Dakshna; as defined in the Vedas or in Buddhism as the true path to sanctity, Moksha or Nirvana. With fulfilling personal obligatory responsibilities, ‘Karma,’ one attains ‘Tranquility’ and with fulfilling social and cultural responsibilities, ‘Dharma’, one attains ‘Inner Peace’ and finally by fulfilling altruistic responsibilities, ‘Dakshna’, one attains freedom of individual soul.
This all leads to eternity the ultimate goal of each living being”

THE Spirituality Circle website shares Ramesh’s spiritual learnings and knowledge
Books / Writings on Spirituality: To build awareness and interest in spirituality evolutionary process
Museum of Spiritual Art: To promote Interfaith through the appreciation of spiritual art in different religions
School in Solan, India: To share his joy at “giving back”
Museum September 26th Museum Opening – 2pm – 5pm
To help coordinate the number of visitors and the limited parking space please send email confirmation that you will be attending or use the Contact Form on the website.

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