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Marketing SEO – Translation Provided

After a long pause or absence I am back with this my 3rd attempt to write  and establish my  Blog Dynamic Marketing.

Written “tongue in cheek” with a Marketer’s myopia at the language and hype of search engine optimization (or as spelt in UK “optmisation”) and other new terms.

I am amused (or confused) how quickly we have “adopted” this relatively new language provided by search engine engineers and mathematicians, including the new acronyms and buzz phrases: SEO, Tags, Links, SEM, Social Media etc.

When was this new language introduced and accepted, and who hijacked the existing marketing terminology, and why has marketing “jargon” become out favor with modern digital media?

In the competitive marketplace of business marketing, it’s difficult enough to market and sell The Added Value of SEO, without adding a new language in the mix!

Especially when most potential business customers, have not heard of the new terms and if people have heard of the terms then most potential businesses don’t understand what the new terms mean!

The opportunities for businesses implementing internet marketing are exceptional, so why is the adoption of SEO by many website owners, so cautious or dare I say it slow!

I believe its because the new language and terminology, is misunderstood particularly by the “old school” of traditional marketing, and the longer this persists the more the “new school” enjoys the elitist feeling of superiority of speaking in a different tongue.

Perhaps the latest business opportunity is “Marketing SEO – Translation Services”

Marketing SEO vs Search Engine Optimization

I am intrigued with the new terminology surrounding Internet or Website Marketing (and Sales), and the breakaway from traditional marketing and advertising terms.

The subject of terminology arose recently in the development of a new website. What is development SEO work?

What is SEO work?

What is Marketing SEO?

Where are the overlaps and why have the engineers changed the language?

Search Engine Optimization, is defined from a “mechanical” perspective and as description of a new interface with a search engine to help each other perform better, but it almost refuses to acknowledge or in fact denies the strong relationship with “traditional marketing”.

Here maybe we start to see the marketing generation gap, as these new terms can be misleading or at least confusing to the newbie who grew up with and is used to the traditional marketing process and terminology.

To me Marketing is focused on the Customer or Consumer, and Innovation and Creativity.

In my view, the term SEO should be redefined as “Marketing SEO” to make distinct from  “Admin SEO” when the focus is code compliance and  actions are based on formula and rules.

Ken Auletta in “Googled: The End of Life as we Know It” highlights early on in his thesis the reason for the success of the Google approach is that the search process is transparent, whereas traditional advertising or marketing had become opaque, which others refer to as the “magic” or “sizzle”.

I applaud and support the transparency, my only point is not all the “traditional marketing” terms nor its thought process should be rejected, as we should recognize there is overlap, especially when we want to educate newbies on the benefits of SEO.

We are therefore in a transitional period, where there is a language divide and education is required, and maybe “Marketing SEO – Translation Services” is ongoing business requirement, particularly emphasizing the benefits of internet marketing.

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