Google and Changing Rules of SEO – What’s Next?

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#1Rule of SEO and Internet Visibility: The Rules are always changing.

Key SEO Changes

The Google “Panda” algorithm change in May 2011 was said at the time to be only one of around 500 search improvements to be made, in its continued focus on “high quality sites”.

The “Penguin” algorithm change made by Google in April 2012, makes further changes to penalize low quality site content and “black hat SEO” abuse through keyword stuffing and link schemes, again focused to provide a better user experience and to meet information needs.

Google vs SEO

Within all of these changes Google recognizes that “white hat SEO

    • improves the usability of a site
    • helps create great content
    • makes sites faster to find and search
    • creates better marketing by making site more compelling

So What Next

Is SEO still relevant and if so which parts are more relevant the others?

In my view the core elements of SEO are still relevant and critical to strong search rankings

  • unique relevant content
  • well structured user centric site
  • high quality user experience on the site
  • proper use of tags and relevant keywords
  • quality links to the site

What appears to have increased significance is the question:

“Is the site a recognized authority on its topic?”

Building “recognized authority” is no longer restricted to the quality of your business web site, it now requires a coordinated and integrated presence across the internet, with a consistent message, relevant information and competitive benefits.

For business sites here are some suggestion to improve “recognized authority”

  1. start with optimizing the clarity of your Business Positioning and competitive benefits to users of your products and services
  2. make reference to White Papers, Patents, Copyright to differentiate your business offerings
  3. structure the site as openly user friendly, with Site Search
  4. make site content easy to recommend and share through Social Media
  5. new content should be promoted across internet through Feeds
  6. update the site regularly with New information on products and services
  7. redefine the site language as Relevant Customer Information
  8. participate with additional content with a Blog, Facebook entries, YouTube updates, LinkedIn
  9. provide advice and tips where possible
  10. continue to encourage to build quality links, with other relevant authority sites
  11. control relevance and benefit of new material to site

John Cullen is a “recognized authority” on internet marketing and online visibility.

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