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Social Media Strategy – Goals and Metrics

Before starting a new Social Media Strategy I suggest you clearly lay out

  • the Priority Channels that fits your business customer audience and objective
  • the Goals and Metrics for each these social media channels
  • the Metrics & Time Period for the achieving  the overall main Goals

The example below is based on a B2B Machinery Business with a weak internet visibility and almost zero presence in Social Media. Here there are 2 key activities, first of all to significantly improve Website content, and optimization for better search results, and second to “roll out” new Social Media accounts and quality content across these priority channels i.e. for this business the priority accounts are Linkedin, YouTube, Blog and Google+.

CEarly layout.001

It’s no longer achieving first page search engine results, the Goal in search results is  achieving a dominant share of the first page results through relevant Website content to the search words / phrases and other relevant channel results e.g. Images, Videos, Blog, Social Media.

The key for Social Media Strategy is to create interest for people to Like and Share the content found in search and refer friends and colleagues to the relevant site or channel. Interaction between Social Media channels and gaining followers or contacts will also generate a broader reach to your target audience.

CHARTS to Set Up EDM Project.001

The key to achieving the set End Goal is setting goals along the conversion pathway and using the metrics to identify what element are working better than others. 

Metrics suggested for B2B Social Media Strategy

Search Results : Share of Top 20 results on key search terms, words & phrases

Social Media : Visits, Views, Likes, Shares, Followers,

Business ROI : Email or Contact Form enquires, RFQ received, Orders,







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