Improving Visitors Web Site Experience: Case Study Example

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Working as a self employed consultant, its been enjoyable working as a member of a team the last few months designing and building a new creative and improved web site for Freeman Schwabe.

The team included the Freeman Schwabe IS manager David Eytchison and Ron Adams IT engineer consultant and owner of the Constellation Media group.

The Goal of the new web site design and layout:

To continue the growth in web site visitors (2012 +50% vs 2011) and increasing conversion to purchase, i.e. company sales revenue (+42% 2011 vs 2010).

New Website Design Strategy

  • providing visitors with relevant useful content on Freeman Schwabe Products and Services
  • improving the visibility, look and layout of the site
  • making it easier to navigate and search for what visitors need
  • stay within limited marketing budget of small business
  • use known template and content management system (Joomla)

Deliverable benefits of the NEW web site structure and design

  • Less clicks to find products and services
  • Clearer concise menu structure
  • Improved Search site facility
  • Simpler page navigation
  • Quicker to get back to Home Page
  • Company Contact Info more visible
  • Social Media links provided 
  • Fresh contemporary clear layout

10 Web Site Development Design Tips

– start with clear goals and detailed design brief

– design brief should include user feedback internally and externally

– lock in key goals / elements with top management

– analyze existing data on visitors behavior vs goals

– use specialists in IT, Marketing and SEO, keep team small

– driving team effort with clear roles and responsibilities, pays dividends

– better user experience is a balance of functionality and aesthetics

– project time management skills plus decisive decision making is essential

– updating client regularly avoids wasted time and effort

– ensure you have all artwork, images, content up front

– test user reaction

Freeman Schwabe Website View

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