Diffusion of Internet Marketing will cost Small Business Owners…….

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Internet Marketing is being adopted by the Early Majority

The Everett Rogers Diffusion of innovations theory – for any given product category, there are five categories of product adoptersDiffusionofideas

  • Innovators – venturesome, educated, multiple info sources;
  • Early adopters – social leaders, popular, educated;
  • Early majority – deliberate, many informal social contacts;
  • Late majority – skeptical, traditional, lower socio-economic status;
  • Laggards – neighbors and friends are main info sources, fear of debt.

A large number of SME have still not embraced the opportunities presented by internet marketing, including social media, a recent article I read claimed 40%+ of small businesses do not have an active website.

As a result due to the time lag between adoption and implementation & ROI, many small businesses will lose ground to their competitors, who started the learning process earlier.

What worries me the most is most small business owners (and many senior managers in larger companies) that I meet seem rather proud of their distinctive Luddite or Laggards profile. As if being curious or inquisitive of the internet is beneath them or beyond their capabilities, so they sit and wait for it all to be explained and implemented into their business. Meanwhile the businesses lose significant competitive advantage, the learning curve is as steep as it is rewarding.

Like other aspects of business, you have to learn and get involved.

Internet Marketing and Role of Executive Director

A key role of the Executive Director or Owner of a business is to identify new opportunities, and understand how they can add value to the business to create a competitive advantage.

A SME business leader in 2013, should have an understanding of how essential the Internet is to reach the company’s potential customers, cheaper and more efficiently than many the current / traditional marketing activities.

Who is in charge of Internet Marketing in your company?

Who organizes your Company Content online?

Who set the goals for the Website and Social Media?

How often does your company analyze your Website Analytics?

Who coordinates Social Media with other company activity?

I provide Executive Training / Coaching in customized half day or full day seminars, on a one-to-one basis or to small team.

The seminars are working sessions, focused on your business and industry, and structured for busy executives and business owners, to gain significant practical knowledge of Internet Marketing and SEO in a short time period, that would take months to learn by books and your own research.

Key Deliverables within the Seminars include

Digital / Internet Marketing – Basics

  • what is behind all the acronyms and labels: SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc
  • what are the Marketing benefits of the new Digital Media / SEO
  • difference in Organic Search and Pay-per-Click advertising

Detailed Review of 2 Key Competitors

  • assessment of their Web / OnLine activity and visibility
  • how they perform in search vs your business
  • how effective are their websites in SEO, structure and content

Website Marketing

  • what constitutes a well designed web site to drive sales
  • how a web site should be structured to be an effective marketing tool
  • how to maximize visitors to your company website
  • how to manage the Marketing aspects of Search Engine Optimization
  • how to improve website ranking, to get on #1 page on Google Results
  • how to gain more business leads through your company website

Business Metrics

  • what are the key performance indicators in internet marketing
  • how to measure and monitor results, to gain a competitive edge and sustainable advantage

Social Media

  • how to use a Blog, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook to promote your business further
  • the benefits of Facebook, Twitter, and the errors businesses make

Contact direct to discuss


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