10 Basic Tips to improve the Marketing and Search Results of your business Website

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How to improve the quality and performance of your website / blog

Rethink the purpose of your business website and other touch points with potential customers through the internet or digital media.

Brand marketing and positioning / architecture requires all business materials and actions should be consistent and work in synergy, and be focused on the company positioning and competitive advantage of its products and services……..

The business website is your opportunity to present these products and services and convert visitors to buyers.

The Goal of the website is to covert visitors to sales, when was the last time you checked your conversion rate.

Your conversion rate will depend on how well your website is constructed and the quality of the content, its positioning and how your credentials fit with what the searcher is looking for.

  1. Consistency in the marketing message and how it flows across the web site and social media touch points, reflecting the business culture, positioning and offering, the holistic approach to marketing SEO. Identifying the specific strategic role of the website within the overall plan is critical.
  2. Encourage your visitors to explore your site by making it easy to navigate, and also make it easy for the robots to explore the site as well, by providing a map of the site architecture. Here is the opportunity to start a relationship.
  3. Ensure the technical development of the site SEO is clean and that it’s accurate, and follows a “white hat” approach to work in synergy with the Marketing SEO. SEO should be Marketing lead not Technical.
  4. Be honest and open (and consistent) providing reassurance to visitors wherever possible.
  5. Research most efficient and effective keywords and focus on the goal of explaining your company positioning using the keywords and pharses identified.
  6. Think as the Searcher i.e. your Visitor (and potential Customer) when designing each page, asking “is this what they expect” or “ is this what they are looking for”.
  7. Quality Information and Content is critical, i.e. good copywriting will keep the visitor interested, just as in a first interview, sell ourself.
  8. Be willing to meet and adhere to all SEO guidelines and rules, this will avoid breaking any obscure or unknown rules with risk of penalties.
  9. Avoid using too many acronyms or jargon words, the site copy should reflect what the searcher is thinking and words used in search, the goal is meeting the searcher’s need.
  10. Periodically go back and review your website, challenge your own content and copy, as SEO is true “dynamic marketing” in which everything is changing fast and the changes are generally not under your.

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